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From July 1st 2022 the government has altered the Medicare rebates for optometric services. As a result we have restructured our billing procedures to reflect these. These are outlined below:


                                                                    Charge                Rebate*               Out of Pocket

New & returning Adult Patients (1hr)    $ 94.00                    $ 62.45                        $ 31.55


New Kids/BV (age 3-14)                          $ 104.00                   $ 93.75                        $ 10.25


New/current Pensioners                        $ 84.00                    $ 62.45                        $ 21.55


Kids/Students                                          $ 74.00                     $ 62.45                        $ 11.55


Review/Non-comprehensive initial Consultations:


Adult                                                      $42.00                         $ 31.30                         $ 10.70


Digital retinal photography if required/requested will now cost $20.00 and is currently non-rebatable.

We offer Bulk Billing consultations for Pensioners and Health Care Card holders on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings (half hour appointments). If more time is required for a comprehensive examination, a review appointment will need to be re-booked.


Rebates are done on the day through Medicare Online Claiming where rebates go directly into your nominated bank account. 

*The full rebate may not apply based on eligibility, if you are concerned, please ask a staff member to explain this.

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