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Consult Fees and Medicare Rebates from 1st July 2024

We believe our pricing to be competitive and fair. It reflects the value and quality of the service we provide.


​                                                                                   Charge                Rebate*               Out of Pocket

Adult                                                                          $99.00                   $64.60                       $34.40

Adult concession                                                     $89.00                   $64.60                       $24.40

Adult Short                                                                $45.00                   $32.40                        $12.60

Foreign Body Removal                                            $85.00                   $69.90                       $15.10

Child + BV (age 3-14)                                               $109.00                  $97.00                        $12.00

Child Short                                                                $40.00                   $32.40                        $7.60


OCT same day as initial consult                           $79.00                     $0.00                         $79.00


OCT rebate if performed on a

separate day with new signs found                    $79.00                    $64.60                        $14.40

OCT rebate if performed on

a separate day with no new signs found           $79.00                    $32.40                        $46.60

* Medicare rebates apply only if eligibility criteria are met.

Saturday consultations fees are an extra $10 with no concession available (due to increased wage costs and no bulk-billing is available)


Bulk-billing is available for concession card holders on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. However, these consultations are shorter (30mins) and more follow-up visits may be required to perform complete assessments.


Rebates are done on the day through Medicare Online Claiming where rebates go directly into your nominated bank account. 

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